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Romware Covid Radius

About the use

How does the social distancing functionality work?

When you come too close to another user, you receive a warning signal: your bracelet alerts you through a red light and a vibration (no sound). The alarm stops as soon as both people move back to a safe distance from each other. No data is shared or stored in the cloud.

How does the contact tracing functionality work?

Contact tracing is an add-on. In case of an infection, the company physician can consult the register to identify the bracelet ID of the employee that is presumed to be infected, after written consent. The company physician can retrieve a list of the bracelets that have been too close. That way, the physician can inform the users that have been in contact with the employee that is presumed to be infected. No other information is provided. The personal information is fully encrypted. All contact tracing data are deleted after 14 days, the average incubation period of the COVID-19 virus.

Can we adjust the 1.5m perimeter?

Yes, the perimeter can be adjusted by Rombit, on request. Romware Covid Radius is preporgrammed for the site regulations and applicable laws the device is meant to be used in.

How can I activate other functionalities?

The Romware Covid Radius can be upgraded with functionalities such as ‘Personal SOS Alert’, ‘Man-Down Alert’, ‘Collision Warning’ and more. Please contact your Rombit contact person for more information.

Technical questions

What infrastructure do I need?

Romware Covid Radius is a plug-and-play solution; no additional infrastructure is needed.

What about the battery life?

The battery life when charged is minimum 10 hours (when using the COVID functionalities). To charge, use the included charging cable. It can be used with standard USB charging adapters, such as a mobile phone charger.

Is it water and dust resistant?

Yes, Romware Covid Radius is certified with an IP67 rating.

About privacy, regulations and certifications

Does this track my movements?

When using the COVID Radius functionalities for social distancing, Romware does not capture or store location or other privacy-sensitive data.

What about GDPR?

Covid Radius has been developed with Privacy by Design. The Romware platform is fully GDPR compliant, and does not store personal data.

What about the regulatory compliance?

Romware is CE and FCC certified.

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